Upgrade to the Blazing Fast Form 4/B and Get $/€/£/CHF 1,000 Toward Form 4/B Materials & Accessories
The blazing fast Form 4/B is here. As a loyal Formlabs SLA customer, we’ve got a special offer for you: if you upgrade to Form 4/B, we will give you $/€/£/CHF 1,000*  toward Form 4/B materials and accessories**.

Form 4/B offers:
  • Up to 4x faster print speeds compared to Form 3
  • A 30% larger build volume
  • Longer-lasting consumables
  • Materials that start at a lower price point
  • Unmatched print success rates
  • The same intuitive workflow you know and love
"Form 4 is our go-to choice for projects needing tight tolerances and engineering-grade materials. It produces high-performance parts with amazingly fast print times and makes it possible for our model makers to produce multiple iterations in a 24-hour period." - Mark Honschke, Additive Prototyping Lead at Microsoft

“The dramatic increase in print speed for Form 4 has significantly accelerated our fabrication cycle – to the point where I can iterate through many different designs every day and go from design to usable, functional part within the hour.” - Matt Mullin, Laser Engineer at NASA

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*The offer is valid for Form 4/B printers purchased through May 14th - Aug 31st 2024 and cannot be combined with other promotions. The discount can be redeemed in full on Form 4/B materials/accessories with the printer order or in a separate order within 6 months of the printer purchase.
**Form 4 Resins, Form 4 Mixer, Form 4 Resin Tank, Form 4 Build Platform, Form 4 Build Platform Flex, Form 4 Finish Kit are eligible for the discount. Printers, Form Wash and Form Cure are not eligible for the discount.

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