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Office Hours: CAPT Brad Baker on 3D Printing at the US Naval Academy

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Join us for an Office Hours session with CAPT Brad Baker, Associate Professor United States Naval Academy. See a tour of the USNA's world class MakerSpace and learn how CAPT Baker utilizes SLA printing in a mechanical engineering and nuclear engineering curriculum. He will walk us through several projects where his students have used 3D printing to create end-use parts, and take questions live.

What you will learn:

  • Get a virtual tour of the MakerSpace at USNA.
  • Learn how end-use SLA prints have been used in a Formula SAE car, radiation detection devices, custom face masks, and more.
  • Hear CAPT Baker’s perspectives on what’s next in 3D printing.

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Captain Brad Baker

MakerSpace Lab Director at USNA

CAPT Brad Baker is a graduate of the USNA class of 1994. He has served 16 years in the submarine force and has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. CAPT Baker is currently assigned as a Permanent Military Professor at the US Naval Academy in the Mechanical Engineering Department, where he has been nominated for multiple teaching and research awards. CAPT Baker manages Materials laboratories within the Technical Support Department at USNA and created MakerSpace USNA in 2014 starting with two MakerBot Replicator printers. The space has expanded to include over 20 printers since that time. CAPT Baker’s main motivation for maintaining the MakerSpace is to create a place for students to design, build, and perform!