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Office Hours: Building BIG Structures with Monster City Studios

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Monster City Studios specializes in large scale builds for museums, theme parks, and experiential marketing, and their client list has some big names such as Disney and Nike! Their Fresno, CA shop houses 3D printers, but also spans large scale CNC, steel/metal work, carpentry, fiberglass, thermoforming, foam carving, and scenic painting. Join master fabricator James Powell to hear about their go-to workflows, and their recent pivot towards thermoforming face shields for Covid-19 relief.

What you will learn:

  • See what Monster City’s small crew can do under one roof in Fresno, CA
  • Learn how large scale builds are enabled by a diverse set of fabrication tools
  • Discuss how the studio’s tools can be used to solve problems beyond entertainment design

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Webinar Speakers


James Powell

Founder, Monster City Studios

If creativity could be bottled and sold, James would make a fortune. He has oodles of the stuff. As a child prodigy, James began building models, but they weren’t any ordinary models like most of us have built – from a kit – passing out from the smell of glue.Having done projects for companies such as Disney, Paramount Pictures, the Cartoon Network, Sony and others, as well as projects for notable celebrities and high profile clients, James has been able to apply years of industry experience to helping Monster City develop memorable, award-winning creations. We’re still searching for ways to bottle all that creativity.