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Prototyping Functional, Optically Transparent Light Pipes

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Light pipes and other optically transparent components can be difficult to prototype. Methods like CNC, laser cutting, and making molds each have different limitations in achievable translucency, possible geometries, or turnaround time.

In this case study, we walk through how Nix Sensor Ltd. used Formlabs Clear Resin to 3D print transparent components like lenses and internal light pipes in-house to expedite the product development cycle for their award-winning color sensors, saving time and cost compared to other methods. Download the case study to learn:

  • Nix’s method for finishing parts 3D printed in Clear Resin to achieve optical transparency
  • How Nix reduced costs from up to $300 per part for CNC light pipes to just $.032 per part using Formlabs Clear Resin
  • How in-house desktop 3D printing reduced turnaround time for prototypes from 3–5 days to 2–3 hours

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