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How a Professional 3D Print Operations Manager Runs Production on the Fuse 1

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You were introduced to the Fuse 1 in our announcement webinar, now we want to take you inside the Formlabs SLS workshop to show you how we produce industrial-grade nylon parts on the Fuse 1.

Join 3D Print Operations Manager Jake Kapusta as he takes you inside his workspace and shares best practices for each step of the Fuse 1 workflow, from print set up, to loading the machine, post processing, and more. Jake will demonstrate a print job of mixer clips, an end-use part we prototyped on the Fuse 1 for use in the manufacturing process for Fuse Sift. You’ll see footage from inside the Fuse Sift and have an opportunity to hear an extensive Q+A with our in-house expert.

What you will learn:

  • How to orient a part in PreForm for optimal print performance on the Fuse 1.
  • How our in-house print operations manager gets the most out of his Fuse 1, from print set up to powder recovery.
  • Background on how Formlabs engineers used the Fuse 1 to prototype parts for the Fuse Sift.

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Jake Kapusta

3D Print Operations Manager
Jake Kapusta is an experienced digital artist and fabricator. He currently manages the best-in-class print facility at Formlabs.