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Design for Manufacturing With 3D Printing

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Design for manufacturing (DFM), or design for manufacture and assembly (DFM/A), is a set of technology-specific design practices that aim to reduce manufacturing cost and minimize excessive design modifications down the line. When used properly, DFM/A can help ensure that parts are made to engineers’ original specification, with minimized tooling costs, low part costs, quick cycle speed, and insignificant scrap rates.

Over the past decade, advanced technologies such as 3D printing have developed tremendously, and today, help accelerate and simplify DFM workflows. Read the guide for an overview of DFM principles and how 3D printing can supplement traditional manufacturing.

Read our guide to learn more about:
  • General DFM rules and principles
  • The most important factors to consider to make design choices and trade-offs
  • Hows 3D printing can accelerate and simplify DFM workflows

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