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How to Find Success With 3D Printing in Manufacturing and Engineering

Why You Should Download

Sometimes, seeing is believing. We’ve put together an e-book comprising 14 real-world case studies about incorporating 3D printing across a range of manufacturing and engineering applications. Gain inspiration from businesses big and small as they walk you through how 3D printing has transformed traditional workflows and processes.

Each section of the e-book focuses on a different benefit Formlabs’ users derive from in-house desktop printing. You’ll learn how these companies are enabling rapid prototyping, cutting costs, fabricating production tools, creating functional parts, and introducing hybrid production methods into engineering workflows.

This free e-book contains:
  • 14 companies using 3D printing to bring real change to their business. This includes New Balance, Gillette, Ashley Furniture, and more.
  • Four chapters broken down by: rapid prototyping, production tools, hybrid manufacturing, and end-use parts.
  • Over 50 pages of 3D printing success in manufacturing and engineering.

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