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Fabricating Metal Parts With 3D Printing

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While direct metal 3D printing promises to quickly create near net shape parts in durable materials like titanium, high equipment costs, the need for specially trained technicians, and a limited selection of available alloys has meant limited use of the technology today.

Metal casting, however, is a cost-effective and highly capable manufacturing process for producing parts with fine features or complex geometries. Manufacturers and engineers use casting for critical components in aerospace, automotive, and healthcare applications. Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printers are well-suited for casting workflows to produce metal parts at a lower cost, with greater design freedom, and in less time than traditional methods.

In this white paper, learn how engineers can leverage the speed and flexibility of 3D printing without the expense of direct metal printers by using metal casting workflows, including detailed walkthroughs of sand casting and investment casting processes with Formlabs 3D printers and resins.

Read on to learn:
  • An overview of casting basics
  • Design guidelines for creating 3D printed patterns
  • The step-by-step direct investment casting process, including an example burnout schedule
  • Guidelines for indirect casting

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