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Fuse Series SLS Design Guide

In this design guide, you’ll learn about some of the important considerations for designing for SLS 3D printing on the Fuse 1, and how you can leverage these practices to create successful parts that perform in their intended applications starting with your very first print.

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Success with selective laser sintering (SLS) begins with parts optimized for the SLS 3D printing process. This guide covers the important dimensions and design considerations to keep in mind when designing parts for the Fuse 1.

Note: These guidelines were developed with Formlabs Nylon 12 Powder printed at 110 microns on the Fuse 1. Since SLS printing behavior is geometry-dependent, these recommendations may not reflect all circumstances.


  • Reference Dimensions
  • Achieving Design Success
  • Part Orientation & Chamber Packing

Reference Dimensions

159.2 mm x 159.2 mm x 295.5 mm

The largest possible part that can be printed in Nylon 12 Powder on the Fuse 1.

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