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IBT Flex Resin: Announcing Formlabs' New Indirect Bonding Tray Material

During this webinar, our dental 3D printing experts, Georgio Haddad and Kerry Xie, will walk you through Formlabs' newest material launch, IBT Flex Resin.
40 min
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Join us for an exclusive webinar where Formlabs Dental 3D printing experts, Georgio Haddad and Kerry Xie, will unveil Formlabs' latest breakthrough material, IBT Flex Resin. Explore the incredible potential of this innovative resin as it streamlines orthodontics and restorative dentistry.

Discover the IBT Flex Resin, Formlabs recent material designed for highly accurate 3D printing of indirect bonding trays and direct composite restoration guides. Learn about its unique features, including enhanced flexibility, tear resistance, and translucency, making it a great fit for both techniques.

  • IBT Flex Resin’s features and benefits
  • Best practices and advantages of indirect bonding trays
  • A glimpse into the workflow of 3D printing direct composite restoration guides and its advantages


Kerry Xie

Healthcare Product Manager - Dental

Georgio Haddad

Dental Product Manager

Faris Sheikh

Webinar Specialist at Formlabs

Faris Sheikh

Webinar Specialist at Formlabs

Webinar Chapters

9:09Adam explains the “Low Force” in Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)
13:31Deep dive into the light processing unit of the Form 3
25:19Choosing a material with the Formlabs workflow
31:00Faris shows how to use the Form 3
40:16Adam shows how to remove light touch supports

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