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The Digital Jeweler: Use CAD and 3D Printing to Transform Your Business With 3Design and the Form 2

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Over the past several years, jewelry applications in desktop 3D printing have rapidly taken off, and Formlabs has become the go-to 3D printing company for jewelry professionals. Together with 3Design, the professional jewelry CAD software, jewelers have adapted to a digital ecosystem to design, prototype, and quickly perfect new designs, make hundreds of prints a day, and move directly into production.

In this webinar, learn from 3Design, Amanda from Formlabs, and jewelry designer Andrew Goldstein from Zina Sterling Silver about the digital workflow for in-house 3D printing.

Watch now to learn:

  • How sculptors and designers can produce models with incredible surface finish
  • How ZBrush is used for digital sculpting, modeling, and rapid visualization
  • How the Form 2 can quickly bring any high-precision ZBrush design to life

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