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Production Life Cycle: Capturing 3D Ideas in Engineering Drawings

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Formlabs’ Innovate & Educate Challenge invited educators across the country to develop and share lesson plans that encourage creative thinking and hands-on learning through 3D printing. Thanks to those who submitted, we’re able to share free resources with a wider learning community dedicated to inspiring students with rich, immersive experiences.

This lesson plan, submitted by the County College of Morris, pulls students into a communication-centric design and manufacturing mindset, as they brainstorm, define, model, and prototype their own inventions. Objectives include:

  • Develop an understanding of best practices used in communicating design information through engineering drawings
  • Utilize various drawing views to describe an invention
  • Learn how to generate reproducible drawings through CAD verification
  • Practice design verification through 3D printing of CAD model Understand the start-to-finish production life cycle

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