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3D Printing Applications and Workflows: Insights From the Top Ranked US Hospital

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The growing use of 3D printing in healthcare presents unprecedented potential for radiology departments. In this webinar, Dr. Jonathan Morris, co-director of the Anatomic Modeling Laboratory and Neuroradiologist at the Mayo Clinic shares the history of 3D printing in medicine, and examines real-world case studies of how radiologists have successfully introduced 3D printing capabilities and programs into hospitals.

Walk through the complete workflow for producing 3D printed anatomical models from patient scans, and learn how any radiologist can implement a low-cost 3D printing operation, from software to setup.

Watch now to learn:
  • A brief history of 3D printing in radiology, and the pioneering role of the Mayo Clinic
  • The step-by-step process from MR/CT scan to accurate, patient-specific 3D model
  • How radiologists can cost-effectively introduce 3D printing into hospitals

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