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Office Hours: Daniel de Leon and Aiman Akhtar on 3D Printing in the Entertainment Industry

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Watch On-Demand Now to hear from designers Daniel De Leon and Aiman Akhtar about their careers in the entertainment industry, why 3D printing is critical to their work, and the surprising connections between their industry and design for healthcare.

What you will learn:

  • See two distinct pathways through the entertainment industry
  • Learn how 3D printing is used for character development and toy design
  • Discuss how the designer’s toolbox can solve problems in healthcare

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Webinar Speakers


Daniel De Leon

Owner of Lion-Arts

Daniel owns Lion-Arts, where he serves as a 3D artist and specializes in modeling and printing for the film, game and toy industry.


Aiman Akhtar

CEO of 3DSmiths

Aiman is the CEO of 3DSmiths, and developer of the Fungisuars mystery box toy and AR game brand.