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How Rigid 10K Resin Empowers Advanced Wind Tunnel Testing at Texas A&M

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Join Lisa Brown, test engineer at Texas A&M Oran W. Nicks Low Speed Wind Tunnel, for a discussion about the role of 3D printing in her work. Lisa and her team at Texas A&M conduct experiments on everything from golf clubs, to helicopter blades, to space reentry vehicles. Formlabs newest engineering material, Rigid 10K Resin, has already provided value to new experimental outcomes.

What you will learn:

  • The properties of Formlabs’ stiffest engineering resin, Rigid 10K, and how they help enable the creation of strong, industrial-grade prototypes.
  • How 3D printing is used in a variety of applications at the Texas A&M Oran W. Nicks Low Speed Wind Tunnel.
  • Why careful material selection is critical to Lisa’s work.

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Webinar Speakers


Lisa Brown

Manager and Test Engineer at Texas A&M Oran W. Nicks Low Speed Wind Tunnel
Lisa Brown is a Manager and Wind Tunnel Test Engineer with the Texas A&M Low Speed Wind Tunnel. She has a background in aerospace engineering with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in the subject from Texas A&M in 2014 and 2017 respectively. Lisa is consistently involved in finding new technology and processes that can increase the efficiency and impact of the facility. She also seeks out ways to integrate undergraduate student workers into all aspects of design, manufacturing, and testing of wind tunnel models. Lisa has been involved in the design and printing of rapid prototyped model components since 2014 and began working with Formlabs printers in 2020.

Matt Lewis

Product Marketing Manager at Formlabs
Matt works in product marketing at Formlabs, with a focus on launching high-performance SLA resins. Matt has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland and previously worked as a product manager in the consumer packaged goods industry.