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Planning with a Custom Surgical Model Reduces Theater Time by 88 Percent

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Patient-specific anatomical models can enhance surgeons’ understanding of a patient’s unique needs, support advanced surgical planning, and improve communication and consent with patients and their families.

In this case study, we walk through the impact of using a 3D printed model to address a young boy’s complex forearm injury. Using a custom model provided by Axial3D, printed on a Formlabs Form 2, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Michael Eames was able to plan a 30-minute minimally invasive, low-risk solution, rather than a complex, four-hour osteotomy. The reduced time in the operating room saved resulted in an estimated savings of $5,500 for the hospital.

Read now to learn:
  • The impact of using a 3D printed model in preoperative planning
  • How a printed model improved patient communication and consent
  • How Axial3D uses Formlabs 3D printers and materials to provide cost-effective 3D printing services to over 150 surgeons and 30 hospitals in the UK.

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