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The Ultimate Guide to Prototyping Tools for Designing Hardware Products

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Today, the tools, materials and methods used to create hardware prototypes have developed immensely, allowing engineers and product designers to create prototypes easier and faster at a lower cost. The right tools and materials allow teams to efficiently iterate, test, and validate designs early on, leading to final products that work better and require little to no last minute reworking when the product goes into mass production.

Various types of basic to advanced prototyping tools have become more accessible now than ever before. In this overview, we explore and demonstrate how to apply today’s best prototyping technologies in each stage of product development.

Read our guide to learn more about:

  • Prototyping tools and methods available today'
  • The types of tools suitable for different prototyping stages
  • How you can use 3D printing to speed up your prototyping workflows

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