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3D Printed Models For Surgery: Options to Overcome Common Challenges at the Point-of-Care

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3D printed anatomical models can help surgeons better plan for complex procedures and improve patient consent—plus save significant time and costs from the OR to recovery. However, while the benefits of surgical models are clear, getting started can be challenging. Setting up an on- site 3D printing lab can get very expensive, and the training for the required segmentation software can be labor intensive.

Companies like axial3D help clinicians easily start 3D printing anatomical models, without the need to learn any segmentation software. For medical professionals with on-site printing capabilities, axial3D’s team of engineers and radiologists can instantly deliver prints of all kinds, including large, complex multicolor models.

In this webinar, Katie McKinley, strategic partnerships at axial3D, and Gaurav Manchanda, director of healthcare at Formlabs, will walk through a case study on using axial3D and the Form 2 printer to produce a model for a spinal surgery, along with other examples across cardiac, trauma, orthopedics, and oncology.

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