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4 Ways 3D Printing is Changing the Automotive Industry

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For many years, 3D printing has been an important part of the automotive development process. New resilient materials have expanded opportunities to further produce high precision, functional 3D prints. Now we’re starting to see 3D printing play a vital role in driving innovation across multiple facets of automobile production.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss four key ways 3D printing is powering innovation across the automotive industry, from design to manufacturing and beyond.

What you will learn:

  • Learn how Volkswagen used 3D printing and electroplating to create metal hubcaps.
  • Watch how custom car shop Ringbrothers has used 3D printing to push the quality and creativity of their work.
  • Learn how and where an automotive manufacturer used in-house desktop 3D printing to save $150,000 in savings.

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Webinar Speakers


Jon Bruner

Director of Digital Factory

Jon Bruner directs the Digital Factory program at Formlabs, which focuses on digital manufacturing strategy. Before joining Formlabs, he oversaw O'Reilly Media's publications on data, AI, hardware, the Internet of Things, manufacturing, and electronics, and was program chair, along with Joi Ito, of the O'Reilly Solid conference, which covered the intersection between software and the physical world.


Faris Sheikh

3D Printing Specialist

Faris Sheikh, 3D printing specialist at Formlabs, has helped Formlabs run over 40 live broadcasts around the world to educate over 21,000 engineers, manufacturers, dentists, and jewelers on how to successfully incorporate Formlabs products into their day-to-day workflows. Previously, Sheikh most notably ran an online technology show on hardware and software products totalling over 2 million global views.