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How 3D Printing with ESD Resin Streamlines Electronics Manufacturing

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Eliminating unregulated electrostatic discharge (ESD) in electronics manufacturing environments is critical to reducing product failures and maintaining high yield on the factory floor.

This is where ESD-safe workstations, tools, and fixtures play a crucial role, but they traditionally come at a high cost. However, by 3D printing ESD-safe tooling, fixturing, and workholding, you can maintain high production throughput all while saving costs and time to boost your operational efficiency.

In this webinar, the hosts talk through ESD Resin: a solution for manufacturers to create custom, rugged ESD-safe components that improve their manufacturing operations.

Hear from lead engineer Phil Tsao of HAVEN Indoor Air Quality to learn how he used ESD Resin to improve HAVEN’s production workflow and reduce the cost and lead time of ESD-safe production fixtures by up to 90%.

The is a recording of a webinar from January, 2022. 

What you will learn:

  • The characteristics and properties of ESD Resin
  • How to identify applications for ESD Resin and implement it on your production lines
  • How HAVEN reduced the cost and lead time of ESD-safe production fixtures by up to 90% with ESD Resin

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Webinar Speakers


Alex Crease

Product Marketing Manager, Formlabs

Alex Crease is a Product Marketing Manager at Formlabs with a passion for solving complex manufacturing challenges. Having worked in the 3D printing industry for the last five years, Alex loves uncovering new ways additive manufacturing can improve engineering and design workflows. Alongside working at Formlabs, Alex uses his robotics engineering background to design anything from BattleBots to kinetic sculptures in his spare time. He views 3D printing as not just a tool to accelerate the product development process, but as a way to enable anyone to design and create their ideas.


Phil Tsao

Senior Design Engineer, HAVEN

Vancouver, Canada: Phil Tsao is a design engineer with a deep background in mechatronics. He works at Vancouver-based startup HAVEN, specializing in electrical and mechanical design. Phil also operates a rapid prototyping company called Ember Prototypes, providing fast turnaround parts to engineers using 3D printers and laser cutters. Phil was introduced to 3D printing through the large in-house machine shop at his previous job, and it was this exposure that propelled his interest in not only 3D printing, but many other manufacturing technologies. With access to high quality SLA printing, Phil can now address client needs with Formlabs’ vast library of resins.