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Proven Uses of Additive Manufacturing by Leading Medical Device Companies

Learn how medical device companies use additive manufacturing over traditional processes in this panel discussion with Enovis Surgical and restor3d.
1 hr
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Even well-established medical device companies are choosing additive manufacturing over traditional processes. In this session, you’ll learn why industry leaders chose Formlabs technology to produce prototypes and end-use devices and how 3D printed manufacturing aides can significantly improve production processes and flexibility.

A panel from our Formlabs User Summit, speakers Colin Levanduski, from Enovis Surgical, and Nathan Evans, from restor3d share their experiences with additive manufacturing. During the webinar, you can ask questions via chat, and John Anderson, Formlabs’ Medical Marketing Manager, will answer questions live via chat.

You’ll learn:
  • How additive manufacturing fits within Enovis Surgical’s Research & Development workflow
  • A real-world example of a restor3d implant case, in which 3D printing’s advanced manufacturing capabilities provide an alternative patient solution that previously never existed before
  • New possibilities with implants with 3D printing, like patient-specific design, highly porous implants for optimized osseointegration, and on-demand production with lower inventory costs


Colin Levanduski

Product Development Engineer, R&D Specials/Customs, Enovis Surgical

Nathan Evans

Vice President of Product Development, restor3d

Sam Kesner

Moderator | Engineering lead, Electronic Systems Teams, Formlabs


Co-founder and CEO at Formlabs

Webinar Chapters
Adam explains the “Low Force” in Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)
Deep dive into the light processing unit of the Form 3
Choosing a material with the Formlabs workflow
Faris shows how to use the Form 3
Adam shows how to remove light touch supports

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