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How to Make the Right Material Choice for 3D Printing in Automotive

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The value in 3D printing is in the parts you make, but making the right choices around materials can be confusing because the rules of additive manufacturing look very different than the rules of injection molding and machining. By choosing the correct material and understanding design for additive manufacturing, you’ll be able to produce functional parts in less time and reduce trial and error steps.

Significant advancements in stereolithography (SLA) material properties have allowed Fortune 500 companies such as Volkswagen to expand manufacturing practices by incorporating 3D printing into production. In this webinar, we’ll walk through important design guidelines, techniques, and material properties for automotive applications like HDT, creep, and chemical resistance.

What you will learn:

  • How the rules of product development and manufacturing change without tooling costs.
  • Which 3D printing material you should choose if you’re used to working with plastics like ABS, PP, PC, PS, Nylon, Ultem, etc.
  • Tips and tricks to optimize your design for manufacturability.
  • An unexpected workflow that Volkswagen uses to develop new concepts.

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