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Digitally Transforming your Dental Lab with Desktop 3D Printing

Why you should watch

Desktop 3D printers can be a catalyst for dental lab productivity, with cost-efficient production workflows that increase the return on investment of digital scanners and software. Learn with Lee Culp, CDT, as he walks through how and when to take advantage of in-lab 3D printing, covers the most impactful workflows, and talks in real terms on the positive effects that 3D printing is making on his business’s top and bottom lines. 

Watch now to learn:
  • How the most successful dental labs are using recent innovations in desktop 3D printing to deliver better results
  • The best dental applications of 3D printers and how each can improve the profitability of your business
  • The ins-and-outs of the complete digital workflow, from scanning to design to printing, using 3Shape and Formlabs 3D printers

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