Live Webinar | Thursday, June 16 at 11 AM ET

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The Full Form 3+ Workflow in 20 Minutes

Join us for a twenty minute demo of the Form 3+ ecosystem. After the demo, Josh Niman, Sales Engineer at Formlabs, will hang around to address any questions you've had about the new printer. 
1 hour
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Watch now for an overview of the Form 3+, launched earlier this year. We’ll highlight the printer, as well as the Build Platform 2, the Form Wash, and Form Cure.

Joshua Niman, Sales Engineer Lead at Formlabs, will lead the demo and show you what printing, washing, and curing looks like on the new Form 3+.

We will also discuss how to post-process parts printed on the Form 3+ and talk through our range of material options.

You’ll learn:

  • Priming a Form 3+ to print
  • Overview of printing workflow
  • Post Processing with the Form Wash and Form Cure
  • Removing parts from the BP2
  • Insights into some of the diverse materials available


Joshua Niman

Sales Engineering Lead, Formlabs


Co-founder and CEO at Formlabs


Co-founder and CEO at Formlabs


Co-founder and CEO at Formlabs

Webinar Chapters
Adam explains the “Low Force” in Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)
Deep dive into the light processing unit of the Form 3
Choosing a material with the Formlabs workflow
Faris shows how to use the Form 3
Adam shows how to remove light touch supports

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