Introducing Form 4: Everything You Have Come to Expect from Formlabs, Now 4x Faster
Formlabs announces the Form 4 - our next-generation resin 3D printer. Expect blazing print speed (4x faster than Form 3+), unmatched reliability, leading materials, and incredible quality.

Deep dive into the new Low Force Display (LFD) print engine, designed from the ground up with six custom hardware layers to deliver every aspect of performance that any professional needs.

Produce stunning parts that always fit. Experience sharper details, smoother surfaces and more accurate assemblies with industry-leading materials for any problem.

In this webinar, Formlabs Chief Product Officer Dávid Lakatos will walk you through an overview of the Form 4, the new materials, and give a hands-on demo of the new products.
Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Now available on-demand
60 min
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What you will learn:

  • An overview of the full Formlabs Form 4 ecosystem
  • Walkthrough of improvements compared to the Form 3+
  • Deep dive into the technology powering the machine
  • Overview of the new range of materials available:
    • Our new Fast Model Resin, so you can print full-build-volume prototypes in 2 hours.
    • New general purpose resins, including: Grey Resin V5, White Resin V5, Black Resin V5, Clear Resin V5
  • Future of additive manufacturing

  • Dávid Lakatos
    Chief Product Officer
  • Elena Austras
    Product Marketing Manager
  • Max
    Co-founder and CEO at Formlabs
  • Max
    Co-founder and CEO at Formlabs