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Formlabs Automation Ecosystem: How SecretAligner Maximized Production & Lessons For Setting Your Workplace Up For Success

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In this webinar, you'll get the chance to dive deeper into the Formlabs' new Automation Ecosystem, including the Form Auto, Fleet Control, and High Volume Resin System.

Dr. Elisa Praderi is joined by Dr. Pablo Kehyaian, Orthodontist, CEO & Founder of Secret Aligner. Dr. Kehyaian will share his organization's experience testing the Automation Ecosystem over the last six months, including using Fleet Control and Form Auto as part of SecretAligner's workflow to automate removing models from the Build Platform 2.

Additionally, Dr. Elisa Praderi will share best practices and considerations for how to set up the automation ecosystem in your dental lab or orthodontic practice today so you can achieve success faster.

What you will learn:

  • An overview of Formlabs’ Automation Ecosystem: Form Auto, Fleet Control, and the High Volume Resin System.
  • What to consider when setting up your workplace in order to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • User Story: SecretAligner’s experience using the Automation Ecosystem & how they maximized production.

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Webinar Speakers


Dr. Pablo Kehyaian

Orthodontist, CEO & Founder, SecretAligner

Dr. Pablo Kehyaian is an orthodontist based in Madrid, Spain, who specializes in clear aligners. He is the CEO of SecretAligner, which he founded in 2017. Dr. Kehyaian is also the Scientific Director of SecretAcademy.


Dr. Elisa Praderi

Sr. Clinical Protocols & KOL Manager, Formlabs

Dr. Elisa Praderi is a trained dentist who graduated from Universidad Católica del Uruguay in 2017. She conducted a research study in the area of esthetic dentistry which she presented in the 96th General Session and Exhibition of the International Association for Dental Research as a Unilever Hatton Award Competitor. She has worked at the University’s emergency service and in private dental practice for the last 3 years. Elisa has always been interested in dental materials, clinical workflows and technology integration in the daily practice. These components were the triggers that made her pursue a professional career in 3D printing and join Formlabs in 2019 as the Clinical Protocols & KOL Manager.