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How to 3D Print Low-Cost Dentures with Dr. Purcell

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Traditional denture manufacturing is a complex craft with a steep learning curve, but with Formlabs Digital Dentures, dental laboratories can now grow or expand production with an efficient, cost-effective 3D printed denture solution.

In this webinar, walk through a real life clinical case and the full digital denture workflow with Dr. Bradley A. Purcell and Sam Wainwright. You'll learn the steps for going from a digitized patient model to 3D printed full denture on the Formlabs Form 2 desktop stereolithography 3D printer.

What you will learn:

  • Dr. Purcell’s take on the advantages and disadvantages of digital dentures and why he chose the Form 2 printer
  • How Dr. Purcell designs dentures using 3Shape
  • How to prepare for a 3D print, assemble denture base and teeth, post-cure, and polish them
  • ROI and new business model considerations for your lab when introducing a full digital denture workflow

Webinar Speakers


Dr. Bradley A. Purcell DDS, MS.

Spectrum Dental Society

Dr. Purcell maintains a private practice limited to Prosthodontics at Spectrum Dental & Prosthodontics. He is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at The Ohio State University School of Dentistry, continues to publish scientific articles in the area of restorative dentistry and is a nationally recognized lecturer in the area of Prosthodontics. Dr. Purcell is the director of Spectrum Dental Society, which is an AGD approved continuing education organization devoted to providing high quality continuing education to private practicing dentists.


Sam Wainwright

Dental Product Manager, Formlabs

Sam Wainwright, dental product manager at Formlabs, has been in the dental industry for 10 years helping labs and dentists become more effective with new technology. He most notably has worked for Custom Automated Prosthetics (CAP), Henry Schein, and 3M as they expanded their presence in the industry.