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Innovation on the Production Floor: 3D Printed Jigs and Fixtures

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Falling machine costs and improved material properties are leading more companies to integrate SLA 3D printing into manufacturing environments. Using affordable 3D printing, Pankl Racing Systems reduced lead time for jigs by 90 percent and decreased costs by 80-90 percent, leading to $170,000 in savings.

In this webinar, we walk through a case study of how Pankl uses custom 3D printed jigs for manufacturing motorcycle gearboxes. how to design and 3D print jigs and fixtures,, and five ways to improve the efficiency of your factory floor with 3D printing.

Watch now to learn:
  • How Pankl managed to produce jigs within 24 hours, make adjustments, and use the parts directly on the manufacturing line
  • How to prepare your design for 3D printing using PreForm
  • Demo videos on how to setup and print a custom jig and post process it
  • 5 strategies to use 3D printing to unlock new operational efficiency on your factory floor

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