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An Introduction to Generative Design for Producing Lightweight Parts With 3D Printing

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Generative Design is an exciting advancement in CAD and simulation technology allowing designers to rapidly generate multiple solutions to well defined problems. Many are aware of the promise of generative design, but very few CAD users might have used it to explore alternatives to the everyday parts they design that ultimately go on to be manufactured.

In this webinar, Formlabs Product Marketing Lead Jennifer Milne will provide a simple overview explaining what generative design is, framed in a way that is applicable to mechanical part design. Gain the confidence to try generative design on a part you have already designed or currently manufacture after a step-by-step tutorial of Fusion 360 where she’ll produce a lightweight bracket.

Finally, Jennifer will highlight why design processes which couple generated design with 3D printing excel at creating complex, organic objects; she’ll walk through why the two technologies are often used together to realize significant performance improvements or design freedom. You will leave inspired to try generative design in a project you’re working on, expand your digital design expertise, and ultimately surprise yourself with novel design solutions that can reduce weight and improve overall performance.

Editor's Favorite Moments:

  • 9:12 - Why you see so many brackets when you google “generative design”.
  • 15:57 - Learn how you can set up a design problem in Autodesk Fusion 360.
  • 24:14 - The four benefits to using additive manufacturing with generative design.
  • 34:47 - How one company was able to lighten a wheelchair bracket by 40% using a generative design process for the first time.

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Webinar Speakers


Jenni Milne

Product Marketing Lead at Formlabs

Jenni leads Applications Engineering and Product Marketing and at Formlabs. A Formlabs veteren, she has worked across engineering and creative to bring new products to the market. As a materials product manager she worked on Engineering Resins through customer validation and applications development, leading to the creation of the Applications Engineering team who author many of the great technical white papers and webinars you may have come across in our resources library. Jenni has always worked closely with customers to improve our products and relay best practices to the greater Formlabs community. Prior to Formlabs, Jenni worked in design consulting, steel fabrication, and humanitarian shelter. Jenni holds an SM in mechanical engineering from MIT where she studied as a Kennedy Scholar, and an MEng in product design engineering from Glasgow University and the Glasgow School of Art.