Leveraging Formlabs’ Biocomp Elastomers for Vascular Anatomical Models

Learn how medical professionals can incorporate elastomeric and biocompatible materials into innovative 3D printing workflows using Formlabs’ newest BioMed Flex 80A and BioMed Elastic 50A Resins.
60 min
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Discover how professionals can combine the benefits of traditional elastomeric and biocompatible materials with the ease-of-use and streamlined workflow of Formlabs' Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) 3D printers using BioMed Flex 80A Resin and BioMed Elastic 50A Resin.

These two new materials have been tested according to ISO 10993 and USP Class VI standards and are produced in an FDA-registered, ISO 13485 certified facility. This ensures that medical professionals can use these products with utmost confidence. As Formlabs continues to expand its library of biocompatible materials, 3D printing becomes an increasingly viable option in various workflows and applications, ultimately improving patient care, reducing costs, and expanding possibilities.

During this webinar, we are delighted to have Samuel Guigo, coordinator of W.PRINT, the 3D printing platform at the university hospital in Brest, France, as our guest speaker. This multi-technology platform, equipped with a fleet of 9 printers located within the hospital premises, is dedicated to producing additive manufacturing parts for medical and paramedical staff, patients, and users. These range from patient-specific anatomical models to the design and manufacture of customized parts.

Samuel will share his experience in using Formlabs' flexible and elastic resins, particularly for the production of vascular anatomical models used in neuroradiology and vascular surgery.

You’ll learn:
  • Learn about Formlabs' newest BioMed Resins.
  • Learn how Formlabs’ medical grade elastomers can be used in patient-care and medical device workflows.
  • Discover how BioMed Flex 80A and BioMed Elastic 50A can be utilized for vascular anatomical models in operating rooms to aid surgeons.


Ricky Solorzano

Healthcare Product Manager

Samuel Guigo

Coordinateur plateforme d’impression 3D - W.PRINT

John Anderson

Medical Marketing Manager

Samuel Guigo

3D printing platform coordinator - W.PRINT

Webinar Chapters
Adam explains the “Low Force” in Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)
Deep dive into the light processing unit of the Form 3
Choosing a material with the Formlabs workflow
Faris shows how to use the Form 3
Adam shows how to remove light touch supports

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