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New Draft Resin: How to 3D Print Multiple Iterations In the Same Day

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Sometimes the process of designing and 3D printing a prototype in Standard Resin can take one to two days to complete. Using Draft Resin, you can go from CAD to printed prototype in a couple of hours and have same-day results.

In this webinar, two Formlabs experts will teach you when it makes sense to use Draft Resin and how to incorporate this material into your 3D printing workflow so you can start printing faster and shorten your product development cycle.

What you will learn:

  • Pros and cons of Draft Resin and how it compares to other Formlabs materials
  • Specific design considerations for printing various geometries in Draft Resin
  • Printing three real example parts and the workflow for printing with Draft Resin
  • How Draft Resin can fit into your existing prototyping workflow

Webinar Speakers


Andrew Edman

Industry Manager, Product Design and Engineering

Andrew Edman is an industry manager for product design, engineering, and manufacturing at Formlabs. Prior to Formlabs, Andrew ran CLEAR design lab, a product design and development consultancy that helped startups and Fortune 500 companies alike to create new products, from concept to full-scale manufacturing. At Formlabs, Andrew works to help manufacturers get value from adding 3D printing to their operations, from validation to production floor jigs and fixtures.


Faris Sheikh

3D Printing Specialist

Faris Sheikh has helped Formlabs run over 30 live broadcasts around the world to educate over 21,000 engineers, manufacturers, dentists, and jewelers on how to successfully incorporate Formlabs products into their day-to-day workflows. Previously, Sheikh most notably ran an online technology show on hardware and software products totalling over 2 million global views.