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Accelerate Product Development With 3D Printed Polypropylene

Accelerate your product development with affordable, genuine 3D printed polypropylene on the Fuse 1+ 30W SLS 3D printer.
60 min
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Unlock the power of in-house production with Polypropylene Powder on the Fuse 1+ 30W. Leverage the properties of injection molded polypropylene for works-like prototypes and high-performance, lightweight end-use parts with exceptional ductility, chemical resistance, and low moisture absorption. Weldable, heat moldable, and cost-effective, it's the ideal choice for durable, customized parts.

You’ll learn:
  • Unlock affordable production of genuine polypropylene in-house
  • Get your product to market faster with functional prototypes or bridge manufacturing with 3D printed polypropylene
  • Learn how to use the Fuse Series ecosystem to produce lightweight polypropylene parts with a streamlined, automated workflow
  • Make watertight, chemically-resistant polypropylene manufacturing aids and tooling with complete design freedom


Chris Haid

Hardware Product Manager

Maeli Latouche

Product Marketing Manager


Co-founder and CEO at Formlabs


Co-founder and CEO at Formlabs

Webinar Chapters
Introducing Formlabs Product Lines
Complete Formlabs Ecosystem
Content on Polypropylene Plastic
Polypropylene Powder on Fuse Series Ecosystem
Polypropylene Powder Product Highlights

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