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Injection Molding, Wind Tunnel Testing, and Super Fast Prototyping: These Two New Materials Expand What’s Possible With SLA 3D Printing

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We just reformulated our fastest 3D printing material, Draft Resin, to enable quick design iterations in house. This is because in the product development cycle, time is of the essence. You can’t be waiting around for weeks to get parts delivered from outsourcing.

As designs evolve and you’re prototyping for functionality, performance is key. Alongside Draft Resin, the Formlabs material team also launched a new high performance material, Rigid 10K Resin, which is ideal for stiff, strong, and thermally and chemically resistant industrial parts.

These two new resins expand what is feasible with stereolithography 3D printing materials. Listen to the product managers who helped develop these materials in this on-demand webinar.

What you will learn:

  • How industrial applications like injection molding and wind tunnel testing are possible through our new Rigid 10K Resin
  • The chemistry behind fast printing materials and how Draft Resin prints up to 4x faster than other materials
  • How we manufacture over 1,000 bottle openers per week using Rigid 10K Resin (and how Draft Resin was used to quickly prototype the design)

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Webinar Speakers


Kathy Bui

Engineering Vertical Lead

Kathy holds a Bachelors of Science (BS) in Materials Sciences and Engineering from MIT and an MBA from ESADE. Currently she manages the materials product portfolio at Formlabs. Previously she was a product manager, product development engineer lead and materials scientist at various MIT startups.


Kyle Dumke

Materials Product Manager

Kyle Dumke is originally from Buffalo, NY where he received his degree in chemistry. After a brief time in the pharmaceutical industry, he ended up in the field of analytical instruments. Eventually bringing him to the 3D printing hub of Boston where he joined Formlabs to follow his passion of launching products.


Matt Lewis

Product Marketing Manager

Matt works in product marketing at Formlabs, with a focus on launching high performance SLA resins. Matt has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland and previously worked as a product manager in the consumer packaged goods industry.