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How to Produce Silicone Parts With 3D Printed Tools

Learn from a detailed case study on SLA 3D printed mold design for silicone casting, incorporating best practices from Formlabs customers.
1 hr
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Silicone rubber finds many applications from hearing aids, to product handles and grips, to custom entertainment makeup effects. Across industries, 3D printed mold tooling for silicone part production lowers the barrier to including soft goods in a designer or company’s portfolio. 3D printed tooling can be employed for prototyping soft goods, small batch production, or production of custom end-use goods.

In this webinar, you get to learn from a detailed example of a gravity-filled injection overmold printed with Formlabs Clear Resin, used to produce a silicone keychain with an embedded Apple AirTag. We incorporated expert guidance from Formlabs customers OXO, Glassboard Product Development, Dame Products, PSYONIC, and more. We also discuss how to select a mold type for your application, as well as silicone-resin compatibility and other silicone casting best practices.

You’ll learn:

  • Selecting a silicone for your application
  • How to encapsulate hardware using overmolding
  • Best practices for designing critical features of 3D printed molds for silicone casting
  • Tips for silicone-resin compatibility
  • Key differences between prototype and production molding


Analisa Russo

User Application Manager

Juliette Combe

Application Engineer


Co-founder and CEO at Formlabs


Co-founder and CEO at Formlabs

Webinar Chapters
Adam explains the “Low Force” in Low Force Stereolithography (LFS)
Deep dive into the light processing unit of the Form 3
Choosing a material with the Formlabs workflow
Faris shows how to use the Form 3
Adam shows how to remove light touch supports

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