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Guide to SLS Post-Processing Techniques: Media Blasting, Smoothing, Coating, Coloring, and More

Read our guide to learn about both the basics of post-processing SLS 3D printed parts and advanced methods to smooth, coat, and color finished prints.

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  1. Basics of SLS Post-Processing
  2. Overview of Advanced SLS Post-Processing Techniques
  3. Options for Smoothing SLS Parts
  4. Options for Coating SLS Parts
  5. Options for Coloring SLS Parts
  6. Explore SLS 3D Printing Solutions

Basics of SLS Post-Processing

Like other powder-based additive manufacturing technologies, SLS parts must be cleaned of excess powder after printing concludes. Once your part has finished printing and is removed from the 3D printer, there are three core steps you need to take: part extraction, powder recovery, and media blasting.
This section covers the workflow with Fuse Series SLS 3D printers and the Fuse Sift powder recovery station.

Overview of Advanced SLS Post-Processing Techniques

Each of these processes has their own benefits and drawbacks, and each can impact different material properties to different degrees.

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