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Interview: How 3D Printing is Accelerating Tissue Engineering Research at The University of Sheffield

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Over the last few years, tremendous advances have been made towards producing tissue-engineered blood vessels, but researchers have only been able to construct simple straight tubes. The vascular network is complex, containing bends, tapers and branches and recreating these shapes remains a challenge.

Dr. Sam Pashneh-Tala from the University of Sheffield is rising to this challenge. His research uses high-precision desktop stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing to enable the production of tissue-engineered blood vessels with a variety of geometries. This will allow for patient-specific vascular graft designs, improved surgical options and provides a unique testing platform for new vascular medical devices for those suffering from cardiovascular disease - which is currently the number one cause of death worldwide. Learn more about this application on our latest guide.

Throughout this white paper, you’ll learn about:

  • Bioprinting and 3D Printing in Tissue Engineering
  • Scaffold Manufacturing: At a Glance
  • 3D Printing a Bioreactor Chamber for Growing a Tissue-Engineered Aorta
  • The Future of 3D Printing Medical Devices

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