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Affordable SLS 3D Printing For Patient-Specific Prosthetic Solutions

In this white paper, we will show you how Partial Hand Solutions used the Fuse 1 and the Fuse Sift to produce high performance, patient-specific 3D printed prostheses.

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What Is?
Part 1: The SLS Workflow
Part 2: Benefits of Nylon Parts
The M Finger: Eliminating Post-Processing Steps
Replacing Carbon Fiber: The Socket
Printing Large: The Elbow
The Fuse 1 SLS 3D Printer For Medical Applications


Partial Hand Solutions is dedicated to advancing technology for amputees of all ages. Since the company's inception in 2007, they’ve provided functional solutions for many active soldiers and individuals with partial hand and finger amputations, along with children with more extensive prosthetic requirements.

Founder Matthew Mikosz has been creating patient-specific prostheses for a long time, but until recently has had difficulty overcoming a fundamental problem: how to make durable, custom prosthesis at an affordable price.

Part 1: The SLS Workflow

Equipped with the Fuse 1 and the Fuse Sift, Matthew feels like he finally has the capability to produce high performance, patient-specific 3D printed prosthesis. For the first time, he’s printing lightweight, durable, long-lasting parts on a budget suitable for a small business.

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