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Managing 3D Printer Fleets

Managing multiple SLA and SLS printers doesn’t have to be complicated — with the right organizational system, any business can run in just a day or two.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Managing 3D Printer Fleets of Varying Sizes and Technologies
  3. Formlabs Service Plans: Scale Your Fleet With Confidence
  4. Scaling Up 3D Printing Volume


As advances in 3D printing technology continue to enable new workflows and expand the range of possible applications, businesses are scaling up their 3D printing operations. From dentistry, to aerospace manufacturing, to luxury jewelry, 3D printing at production levels can reduce costs, improve the agility and efficiency of your enterprise, and enable new products and market reach.
Bringing higher volume 3D printing in-house was traditionally expensive and required extensive infrastructure to support the large, industrial machines. Now, with affordable desktop and benchtop resin 3D printers and compact yet powerful SLS options, managing a fleet of 3D printers is simplified and efficient.
To illustrate the optimal methods of managing 3D printer fleets of varying sizes and technologies, we will outline four common scenarios from which anyone can build a workflow.

Managing 3D Printer Fleets of Varying Sizes and Technologies

Scaling up your production volume is simple and cost-effective with the Form 3+ or Form 3B+ desktop SLA units and post-processing machines. A six-printer set-up like the one pictured above can produce hundreds of parts a week and costs less than $25,000. Running multiple desktop units has many advantages, such as:
  • Simplicity of producing parts in multiple materials
  • Streamlined consumable management
  • Ease of printer maintenance
  • Efficient use of space and resources
Having multiple desktop units makes it easy to take full advantage of the versatility of the Formlabs materials library. Each printer can be assigned to a specific material, reducing the instances in which users have to change out resin tanks or cartridges.

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