Formlabs White Paper

A Guide to Post-Curing Formlabs Resins

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Post-curing is key to reaching the mechanical properties you expect from your printed parts. Through the application of heat and light, the strength and stability of printed parts improves beyond their original “green” state. However, each resin behaves slightly differently when post-cured, and requires different amounts of time and temperature to arrive at the material’s optimum properties.

With the launch of Form Cure, printed parts can be post-cured at precisely the correct wavelength, at different temperatures, and for varying lengths of time. In this white paper, learn how to adjust your process to save time by post-curing parts only as long as is necessary for your application.

Download the white paper to learn:
  • How post-curing affects the key properties of each Formlabs material
  • Optimum post-curing recommendations for material-specific applications
  • Strategies for avoiding common post-curing issues

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